You Must Read These Words By Nicholas Sparks Which Gives A Beautiful Meaning To Life

A New York Times bestseller  Nicholas Sparks is a storyteller too who owns ‘ A Walk To Remember’, ‘The Choice’, ‘The Notebook’, ‘The Wedding’, ‘Safe Haven’ to his name. Churning out his novels to earn his daily bread,  his triumph paved the way to the end of his devastated living His worked turned into Hollywood-blockbuster adaptations. 

He took writing to his source of comfort.  He became an international sensation with his evolved thoughts and non-fiction books too. Influential and soothing writings of his created a brand for him and embarked his career to greater heights. 

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Sparks, however not limited time the literature,  does charity works for local and national charities and allows scholarships for the needy as well. A humorous and sensible author,  he makes his word with great proximity and lets the readers interpret to cheer comfort. 

Nicholas Sparks Quotes

Nicholas Sparks
“Romance is thinking about your significant other, when you are supposed to be thinking about something else.”
Nicholas Sparks
“I don’t know that love changes. People change. Circumstances change.”
Nicholas Sparks
“Loving once and only once is possible – anything is possible.”
Nicholas Sparks
“The first thing I did when I sold my book was buy a new wedding ring for my wife and asked her to marry me all over again.”
Nicholas Sparks
“I do not use profanity in my novels. My characters all go to church.”
Nicholas Sparks
“I have a great wife and it’s very easy to be romantic because it makes her happy and then my life is so much better when she’s happy.”
Nicholas Sparks
“None of my characters are rich or famous, and the situations they find themselves in could happen to anyone.”


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