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Celebrities in politics: Politics isn’t about politics unless you witness something out of the box and unexpected entries of the known people to support the political organizations. It’s about when the professionals (when) retired enter into politics for reasons varied, more because they want to maintain their public figure or for the motive of serving people through a different area.

What puzzles the voters is the presence of such celebrities, whether their preference towards the person as the politician or the celebrity himself. This political star power can influence the audience through their critically structured identification. Their persuasion may be politicized to gain the vote bank.

Why do the political parties want celebrities as a part of their team? – Celebrities in politics

The need for such public stunts arose after the developments in the media, celebrities can voice their opinion and second the ideologies they support to create a stronger impact on the voter’s base. Many have opined this as a fabricated product through the media.

Such advocacy has been favored by the digital media and the social skills of the celebrities to make personal connections and be beneficial to the political parties to the core. Individuals also tend to relate with the values of the celebrity endorser and empathy is gained thereby towards the political party. It’s not uncommon either for the celebrities flirting with the idea of politics and their popularity.

Aren’t the parties attractive enough themselves to pull up the elections entirely on true politicians? The intersection between politics and celebrities has become visible enough. However, the celebrity turned politicians do not exercise much freedom as they have to express themselves in accordance with the existing political culture that has been established by the political organization.

What about governance?

This results in hollowing out the State, changed participation of the politicians? the sense of duty? This generally results in incompatible identities, thus bringing the governance to another low. With a decrease in the hierarchy and the increased “marketing” by celebrities has been traded off by the parties for the apparent competitive edge on the sacrifice of the people’s State governance.

Famous actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Shatrughan Sinha, Smriti Irani, Hema Malini are no strangers to political parties and many more such persona, they do bring huge votes but aren’t that blockbuster in the parliament, they don’t engage in the debates and shy away from the questions too.

Just like with the college criterion these days, the parliament makes it evident that such celebrity-turned politicians do not attend sessions, neither participate in the debates. How much soever do the celebrities be trending for their status of the politician, they certainly do no qualify to fulfill the expected jobs of a true politician.

Lest it’s an open arena, free will and opportunities mark the ways towards the celebrities.


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