TikTok Ban: Social Media App Removed From Google & Apple App Stores After Court Order

TikTok App: The urge to be popular has taken over the teenagers in India and the same has been driven by the social media sites that allow them to successfully accomplish the target. India is a country where youth is most active at the current stage.

ByteDance, the parent company of the Chinese application, TikTok, is under scrutiny in India after public interest litigation was filed and the same was addressed by the Madras High Court, which in perplexity asked the Centre to make a decision whether to ban the app or not.

A decision has been reached recently and the ban has been finalized, where the Supreme Court has asked the Google Play store and Apple App Store to take down the app for any domestic downloads.

Why TikTok is banned in India?

What might make you wonder now is why an app that allows to voice-over music and recites movie downloads and uploads the video in such a short span had to be banned?! With nearly 50 million active users monthly, there are instances where criminal behavior and pornography were endorsed and such salacious address was disturbing the viewers and realized that the Chinese application was not even reporting the absurd content on its app.

With the urge to upload creative videos and be unique, the teenagers use ‘dangerous locations’, harmful props and will go an extra mile to do whatever will make them ‘popular’. However, what’s more concerning is that the resources wasted on such desires is leading to time waste which can be utilized on something better and even the creative shall be converted to something useful. It’s not about stopping them from using it, it’s purpose was of leisure purpose but it has become more of an addiction to many of them, this has led to an idle youth being misdirected. Respecting the free speech moral, and analyzing the cons of the app, a rational decision has been taken by the Supreme Court.

Can the ban on TikTok app be stopped?

The parent company has been pleading to stop the ban on the download of TikTok and has been making efforts to delete videos that violate its guidelines and assure that they are planning to enhance it’s moderation to the ‘committed’ users in India. Another major weakened point of defense for them is they had promised to establish a headquarter in India and local offices as well, failing to do so, they lose their battle against the ban.

Though because of the popularity of the application, illegal downloads will be prompted, the analysts are worried about the unethical use of the app, suggesting how deaths have been caused not only due to stunts but also jealousy for other users. Nonetheless, any more downloads have been prohibited but this will have no effect on the already downloaded application and people will still be sharing such videos and probably still be ‘abusing’ it’s use.

What needs to be done is to sensitize them about the overuse of such application and boost their morale regarding the purpose of their youth and not deteriorate their resources on something which won’t last forever and will yield nothing material.

Parents, as well as teachers, are concerned for the children now as the trend has been rising ever since and is metaphorically dangerous to the economy( in regard with resources being utilized in the wrong direction). 

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has made the decision while taking into consideration the harm it was causing to the teen and pre-teen children and exposing them to the nudity and stating examples of aggressive behavior. The move has been considered appropriate but still, there is scope to create awareness and guide the kids to realize the repercussions of the high usage of the application.


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