DU Admissions 2019: Maths Mandatory To Be Included In Best Of Four For Applying For Eco (Hons) And 50% Marks Compulsory In Maths For Applying For B.Com (Hons)

DU Admissions 2019: In a very unexpected and unanticipated move one of the most prestigious universities in India, Delhi University is popularly known as DU, has changed the eligibility criteria for the admissions in BA Economics (Hons) and B.Com (Hons) courses for the year 2019-20 at the very last moment.  

According to new eligibility criteria, Mathematics is now compulsory to be included while calculating “best of four” marks for admission in BA Economics (Hons). On the other hand, a student must have scored 50% or more to apply for admission in B.Com (Hons).

DU Admissions 2019: New Rules For Admission In B.A. Eco (Hons) and B.Com (Hons) | New Eligibility Criteria

BA Economics (Hons)

Criteria to be followed while calculating “Best of Four” to apply for admission in BA Eco (Hons)

This change is highly controversial as no information was given by the Delhi University (DU) about these changes. These changes at the last moment, will definitely, affect thousands of students who aspire to join these two famous courses offered by the University of Delhi. 

B.Com (Hons)

Criteria to be followed while calculating “Best of Four” to apply for admission in B.Com (Hons)

If you look at the earlier criteria, students were only required to secure passing marks in Maths to apply for admissions in these two courses and there was no compulsion to include Maths in Best of Four while applying for BA Economics (Hons) or score 50% in Maths to apply for B.Com (Hons). 

Students are highly disappointed by these changes at the last moment. Various students activist have started protest demanding the University of Delhi follow the old procedure and take back this decision. Along with this, various petitions have been shared by students on social media sites asking people to sign this, so that, the DU takes back this decision. 

If you look at the other side of it, these changes will eliminate those students who are not good at Maths but they opt for these courses and struggle a lot later. However, changing the criteria for admission at the last moment is not at all justifiable and pretty much unfair to the students. 


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